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We are experts at maximizing your profits.

Analyzing PSAO Reimbursements

All PSAOs are not created equally and can mean the difference between making and losing money. Your reimbursements can vary as significantly depending on your PSAO’s contracts with each PBM. Our expertise and proprietary database will reveal what PSAO will be best for you, given your patient mix, payor plans and geographic location.

Reducing DIR Fees

Few pharmacists have the bandwidth to manage their business and focus on strategies that improve patient compliance, which directly impacts the severity of the DIR fees you will be faced with. HealthGrowth can help you manage your staff in ways that will both drive patient compliance AND increase revenue and profits.

Improving Supplier Contracts and Discounts

Balancing and managing your Generic-Compliance-Ratio (GCR) is critical to achieving competitive pricing on your branded and specialty drugs. Our proprietary purchasing platform drives generic compliance with your primary wholesaler and provides competitive options for your discretionary drug purchases.

Evaluating Operating Expenses

Inefficient human resource management and utilization are roadblocks to success for any organization. We use cutting edge behavioral analysis tools to assess your team and make recommendations to maximize your employees’ effectiveness and productivity.

Introducing New Business Segments (340-B, LTC, etc.)

Expanding into higher-touch, higher-margin classes of trade can produce both growth and profits. 340-B offers tremendous opportunities, but your success and failure depend on making sure you have a profitable agreement with the 340-B facility, the right 340-B administrator and accounting and inventory systems that are designed for the business. Many recognize the opportunities that exist in the long-term care space, but are intimidated with the intricacies and nuances of this opportunity. Compounding, Specialty and other high margin classes of trade offer tremendous profit opportunities for pharmacy owners. HealthGrowth can help you execute business strategies that can meaningfully produce growth and profits.

Enhancing Cash Flow

There is a difference between profits and cash flow and both must be managed effectively if you are to be successful. HealthGrowth’s cash flow maximization techniques are designed to improve your cash flow so you have the money you need, when you need it.

Buying and Selling Pharmacies

Whether you are looking to buy additional pharmacies or sell your business, HealthGrowth’s transition professionals can advise you in every aspect of a pharmacy transition. From providing a comprehensive business valuation analysis to finding the right buyer or seller for your needs, we strive to make the most important business transactions in your lifetime uncomplicated and successful.

Operating a successful pharmacy is more challenging and complex
than ever. Let HealthGrowth‘s team help you optimize your
business and performance in ways you never imagined possible.


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